Monday, July 25, 2011

The Best: Rutgers Football Twitter Feeds

Today's athlete needs to worry about more than just what they do on the field. Fans like sport, but they love spectacle, and being able to talk on your twitter can get you onto a top ten list even with a career of mediocrity.

That said, I took the time to boil down the vast array of Rutgers Scarlet Knight feeds in order to get you to the best ones. Thank me later, it's no bigs.

Best Scarlet Knight Media
On the Banks

If you didn't already know, sbnation is the place to go to find all your sports blogs. That said, On the Banks is the Rutgers Scarlet Knights blog there, and it doesn't disappoint as either a standalone blog, or a twitter feed. Instead of being a place for crossposting links like some other media outlets that cover RU, OtB uses their feed as a supplement for conversation, questions, and feedback. Outside of the main blog administration, there are also a group of dedicated fans, that makes OtB the most comprehensive and complete way to follow the team over in Piscataway, wherever and however you want.

Why Doesn't He Have One?
Brian Leonard (link leads to his Facebook page, fyi)

Leonard, or as I call him starting now Bouncing BriBri, is conspicuously absent from the internet. His Facebook seems to be a glorified photo album, and (as far as my search turned up) he has no Twitter at all. Do us a favor Bouncing, hook it up and let us know how it's going from time to time. We miss your ability to run and block, but we still care. Check in and let us know how things are from time to time.

Who Locks These Things? 
Mohamed Sanu

Sanu had the best rookie season as a wide receiver that Rutgers has ever seen, and the two-syllable nature of his name (last, not first) led to "Sa-Nuuuuuuu" being one of the most chanted phrases at Rutgers Stadium (I refuse to use the new name). That said, I actually had class with him, and he's a genuinely nice guy. Why then, is his Twitter on Alcatraz lockdown? That's not what these things are for, and the fact that anyone locks it down raises suspicion as to whether or not they are using their feed to run an illicit organ trading marketplace. Open it up and prove you aren't doing that sir! [I know I can just become a confirmed follower or whatever, but it's an extra, unnecessary step. -Ed]

Absolute Must Follow
Eric LeGrand

On the Internet, anonymous posting means that some people have said cruel things about what happened to #52, and although I usually link for proof, I don't think that it is really appropriate here. I don't care whether he led with his helmet, no one deserves to be paralyzed over a game. When most would lament, Eric has taken this negative and spun it as best as he can. His fight back to health (he stood up for 40 minutes today!) has brought a community that is usually arguing over one thing or another and shown us to be humble for the gifts we have. He is a tremendous human being, and that is more important than any athletic accomplishment.

Best Coaching Staff
Greg Schiano

This was pretty much guaranteed. Schiano has embraced social media as a way to reach out to fans. Despite his age, he keeps it cool with the kids, and posts nearly every day. He only started it recently, but this is a definite must add for team info and news from the sidelines. Greg... can I call you Greg? Think of all the opportunities to improve on our recruiting classes. You are already one of the best, and if you incorporate Twitter as a tool, you'll be beating away premiere recruits. Also, please consult with the fans on some of these play-calls, especially on offense. We would have talked you down off the Wild Knight formation pedestal after two games.

Best Current Player
Chas Dodd

Listen Brandon, you're Chas, get that extra stuff off the front of your name. Either way, this is the best current Scarlet Knight to follow. His posts are... unusual... and range from general laziness to arguments on breast feeding in public. The impression is gives off now is that the not definite starting quarterback is still an average guy, and that makes him seem like a person, not a persona. Plus, if there is anyone who is going to have a major impact on the team, it's going to be Dodd. It'd be nice to see him mature on the field, and to have that reflect in the every day.

Best Professional Former Scarlet Knight
Devin and Jason McCourty (joint account for the twins) 

Remember, best twitter feeds. Individually, both Devin and Jason are on track for exceptional careers in the NFL. They're online presence sets them apart because they are freaking hilarious. Prior to the NFL lock-out, each brother maintained their own account (as of now, only Jason's is still up), but not being with their individual teams let them come together for practices. They merged their accounts, and now consistently update with "lolworthy" statements. They also give away autographed swag and converse with fans. Besides being nice guys who both play well, they have proven they truly care about the fans that support them.

Who missed the cut?

It wasn't easy to pick the ones I did, but I felt those were the must-haves. That said, there are a lot of good ones that didn't make the cut. I recommend all of them, so get onto checking them out.
  • Joe Martinek - Jersey Joe. How can you not respect the work horse on the ground?
  • Ray Rice - Future hall of fame. He put Rutgers on the map, and still talks to fans individually.
  • Mike Teel - Love or hate, he's a survivor. It's good if only to know where he is now.
  • Kevin Brock - Heavily underrated player. And he's a quote machine.
  • Darnell Stapleton - Injuries are unfair. He posts meet-ups frequently.
  • - Headlines from the local papers, all in one place. 
That wraps up the list. There are a lot of great players who aren't here, but were pretty good. One place can't contain the Scarlet Knight universe, because you'll find them everywhere doing everything. It's a solid program with a rich history that is finally starting to get the recognition it deserves.That said, I think the outreach from the team to the fans is remarkable, and contributes to the feeling that once you are a Knight, its until death.

That said, anyone I missed?

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