Saturday, January 26, 2013


I'm not going to talk about a lot of things in the interim. What I am going to talk about,  is what I can do.

I will fucking do anything on video, and write a corresponding blog post. My price: much lower than you think. My shame: similar.

Bring it on.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


A good friend once asked me a question, inside a story, inside a question. He asked me what a stop sign means, to which I replied it means that you should stop. He followed up with a story about a tribal woman in Africa. She travels five miles to go get her water, works to keep order in the house, etc., and has never been to America. Through some strange twist of fate she is transported to New Jersey, and is forced to walk the streets. She sees a stop sign, what does it mean? What does this say about meaning?

Today I asked myself what the fuck

Shhh... I'm back

I didn't realize how long I hadn't done this thing for, and I also didn't realize how many people were reading it at one time. Long story short, I was homeless for a bit, so blogging was a bit of a challenge. But I'm back now! Posts should be coming in the next few days.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Killing yourself the right way

Either go high or low when you choose the handgun bullet. Low will not exit the head, bounce around and take out as much gray matter as possible. High will remove most of the head. Either way, make sure you don't do mid, which will enter, exit, and leave a whole bunch. Something like 20-30 thousand people are vegetables. I know you think your family loves you. They don't, they love having you around. Wanna Schiavo the rest of your days?

Damn this blog is getting dark.

The Problem with Being Reasonable

It's not a big post. I'm in a house, not that anyone reads this besides the bot archiving the content to use for linkthroughs. The problem with being reasonable is that it isn't going to get the news. And if you don't stir up shit, the stew will settle to nothing. I watched a man who claimed depression can be cured with food and talk therapy get more attention than a group of people claiming multifaceted and holistic approaches are better. Why? Because food is edgy, and if you believe that, you'll bite. Being reasonable only helps you to be drowned out by this sort of lunacy.